Proudly an Enneagram 3, organized type a-kinda girl, with a passion for integration and learning how things work (and making them work in the process)

I am a big believer in #treatyoself (whatever that looks like) and also an even bigger believer that your successful business is based on your ideal for success - not what the industry says it should be.

Hey there!

I'm Claire, business integrator and advocate for all things luxury

I didn't have to do this forever (I know, crazy right?!)

I made the leap into a Virtual Assistant Agency part-time and also worked for a recruiting company full-time - both from home. I did multiple software trainings, worked with C-Suite Executives and founders from all over the globe, and found that they were all hiring assistants looking for the same thing: balance. A chance to chase their dreams and raise a family or run a highly successful business and  travel the globe without pause - this is where I came in and saved the day, every time.

But my life wasn't just settled at 22-years-old.

I was making my slow climb up the corporate ladder, totally unhappy when I realized...

Once upon a time...

Working 9-5...

Truth be told, I was chasing a boy (and a dream to leave my small hometown)
I took another chance in-office and (you guessed it) - still wasn't quite the right fit. I loved the culture and the work, but I always felt out of place. Then COVID (and we all know what happened there)

I started Simply Claire Virtual Services in September 2019 and never looked back.

I am still crazy obsessed with the work I do and the people I do it for - so thank you for being here.

When I relocated to sydney in december 2019.

Everything changed...

If I could change my life once, I could keep doing it again and again 

If you want someone who’s incredibly hard-working, ridiculously reliable, and wildly passionate, Claire’s your gal.
You’ll be hardpressed to find someone who will care so deeply about the growth and success of your business. To sum it up, she’s exceptional.

Jennifer Rappo

CEO & Founder of Leadcraft Inc.


About me





I live for a good cocktail or glass of moscato or iced coffee/matcha. In another life I think I was meant to be a bartender or barista.

The first job I ever wanted was a forensic psychologist - I even got my degree in psychology...but I'll just stick with binging true crime podcasts.

I am incredibly drawn to the ocean and the waves and the beach (I even have a wave tattoo!) but I don't like swimming. 

My spirit animal on most days is a hippo...sometimes it's a lion. (Just hope you catch me on a hippo day)