Nothing gets my heart racing and thinking brain going than a great project with unlimited potential. 

You have the ideas and you have the goals - now all you need is someone to come in and make all of that make sense, wrapped up in a pretty bow presented and ready to launch.

You probably already have a great team - but not really an integrator - someone to come in and organize everything from start to finish and check on all the progress. Don't worry, it's safe in my hands.

Why this was made for you...

This is where I come in

You need:

A project planner - you have the ideas but have no idea how to put it onto paper (or even better, how to make money off of this idea)


does this sound familiar?

A second brain - no seriously, you have so much great stuff in there and you just need another source of brain power and ideas

A sounding board - someone to just listen and either agree and give you a plan, or disagree (nicely) and redirect (in a better way)

An integrator - this person puts everything into place and brings your dreams into actionable plans (and keeps track and celebrates the whole way)

Where do I sign up?

We have 2 options here:

This is for me

This is the one

"Claire-ty" Call

"Claire-ty" Contract

One-off, no strings attached call to get your ideas and dreams onto paper and into a thorough, easy-to-follow project plan.

30-90 day project contract, focusing 1-3 pain points in your business that's preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Claire-ty Call

One, 3-hour Call with me

Voxer support for 5 business days after our call

A detailed and custom, step-by-step project plan delivered right to your inbox

Interactive and involved call to really clarify what's needed to make your idea a reality

If we finish our call and you decide you need more task help - ask about Project Support and receive a discount on our project contract



Project steps organized in YOUR project management system

Ready to get super clear on that next offer or your next step in business?

Fill out application here

So you have the offer and know what to do - but you have virtually no systems, no softwares ready to help you grow, and you're spending way too much time on the backend. Or you're brand new to business and need a full systems set-up.

You need a Project contract.

30-90 days of 1:1 help with me getting your systems organized, automized, and working FOR you (not working against you!)

Maybe you have a plan but you need short-term support

I can fix that.

Claire-ty Contract

2-3, 1:1 calls with me to kick-off and wrap-up our project

Weekly Email Check-Ins

A customized Offboarding Packet with links to videos and how-tos on all procedures I've implemented

A customized ClickUp Dashboard to communicate with me during the project

Voxer access Monday - Thursday

A discount on all future projects booked with me or on a DFY Service contract

30, 60, or 90-day support from me (extension available upon request) 

Starting at $800

Are you ready for the ultra-clarity and peace of mind that comes from being organized?

Of course you are!

Booking an intensive or signing for a project contract is the most affordable (and efficient) way to work with me! I keep 3-4 spots open per month to support my projects and they close quickly - so get that application done today!

Fill out application here

Frequently asked questions

My specialty is in tech + systems (and creativity) - so think: course creation, ClickUp (or project management systems) Build, Launch Planning, Quarterly Planning, Team Reorganization/Hiring, etc.


What kind of projects do you offer/do you have a speciality?

Due to the involved work and nature of projects, refunds are not available.


Do you offer refunds?

Only for 60-90 day projects and 50% of the contract is due upon signing.
Payment will be split into 2 payments for a 60-day project and 2-3 payments for 90-day project.


Do you offer payment plans?

I don't offer any copywriting of any kind (but I can offer some really great recommendations) and I also don't offer any social media support (but can also provide recommendations) and I also don't provide legal support. These are all specialized fields that I don't specialize in.


It sounds like you do everything, what don't you do?

So excited 

to meet you!

Let me guess, you'd probably consider yourself to be incredibly inspired, passionate, and creative. You also probably struggle with creating the space needed for you to upscale and take your business to the next level. You're either brand new to business or a couple months/years in and looking for someone who just gets it.

That's me - I get it.